Trust is hijacked by conmen.

The #fieldsdatarecoveryscam confirmed how Trustpilot operates and why Trustscores and Trustboxes cannot be trusted.

It reveals how UK and European consumer reviewer profiles and data have been hijacked by Trustpilot (a multinational data harvesting analytics company). Some who pay Trustpilot for reputation management get special deals.

Company website trust scores which should be trusted are rendered suspect by Trustpilots racketeering and profiteering from helping bad companies to Game, Widget Fix, Hack Reviewer Profiles and Flagging Abuse.

Trustjacked widget fixing - fake trustbox

Re: BBC Enquiry - Trustpilot

Published on 18.09.2019 by Andy Butler

On 20 Sep 2019, at 11:28, Redacted <Redacted wrote:

Hi Andy

I work for the BBC and am looking into the ‘Trustscore’ on Trustpilot - how (seemingly) terrible businesses have great reviews and score.

Is it possible please to have a quick chat about trustjacked.com - in particular I’m really looking to find people who work for companies that can go on record and back up what’s going on.

From being asked to write fake reviews - to being rewarded for getting customers to post positive reviews.

I don’t know if people get in touch with you about such things?

Thanks for reading my email and hope to chat at some point for some advice!



Broadcast Journalist - Redacted

This is too big for the BBC alone it needs more than one researcher and I can give some advice on how fake reviews damage consumers and good businesses.

I use my Linkedin posts to alert those following to the issues that Trustpilot helping Fields Data Recovery have exposed (read the whole post here).

Trustpilot has made me question my online marketing plans and budgets.

Fake Trustpilot Trustboxes, Reviews and Trustscores makes it harder to compete against the sector domination approach of Google Partners like UK Digital Solutions aka Fields Group / Fields Data Recovery / Data Recovery Specialists / Rapid Data - all Fields Associates websites - and the Google PPC bid cost which is helped by fake positive reviews.

This has not just affected my company in the UK - Fields has Affected others across Europe and the US. There are other Fields websites also helped by Trustpilot Datenphoenix, Clinique De Donnees, Salvataggio Dati and Clinica De Datos to name just a few of their websites that have used fake Trustpilot Trustboxes and Reviews.

UKDS net

It has practically destroyed my Trust in the reviews collection system and raised data protection concerns - how can “verified order” reviews be created in a Trustpilot account without the account owner knowing?

Updated reviews after fake 5 stars

Trustpilot refuse to explain this “data breach”.

It made me realise I could not use Trustpilot but they keep trying to hijack my company reviews despite me asking them to remove my company website.

It affects my company revenues / planning and has meant we saw an increase in the numbers of victims of the #fiessdatarecoveryscam operated by “ethical hacker Dr Jamie Hamilton Wallis who claims to be a  conservative politician and his father “Professor” Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis who is an expert witness to the courts. Involved in many document spooling operations.

Jamie Wallis fb post
Dr Jamie Hamilton Wallis Endeavour Law
Hamilton Wallis Lead Investigator

 It is a GDPR Data Protection / Global Finance / Google Manipulation / antitrust issue that hijacks companies reviews, deceives consumers and will damage good companies when they try to leave and take “Trustpilot content” their reviews with them.

Trustpilot targets content and marketing budgets. The data harvested is then sold on and the content generated used to generate google ads revenue.

There is little incentive for Trustpilot to remove any content unless the website is paying for reputation management, 20 reviews per page gives several placeholders for ads even if the company does not pay or claim their reviews.

The “special fraud / compliance / fake review software detection is a scam itself - I pointed out hundreds of fake reviews every night for months.

I now  block ads but even the BBC reviews generate thousands of ads every week.

BBC reviews on Trustpilot

It involves Google, Trustpilot, Silicon Valley Banks - Venture Capital and a failed bid to be a $Billion Unicorn IPO by 2020.

It involves $192.5million of venture capital and loans and how they are used by a Danish Troll Mafia Type operation to hijack companies reputation management.

Tactics include scraping reviews from other websites marking them “verified order” and displaying them on Trustpilot. Staff at Trustpilot are involved and there was one case where a Trustpilot employee had gained access to Trustpilot emails and was holding Trustpilot to ransom. How many more knew about this?

Businesses are running scared because Trustpilot has such power with Google it can make or break their online marketing and SEO - that what happened to me - I realised my company was being targeted with fake reviews, it led to me finding Fields Associates and Trustpilot fake positive reviews.

Aaron Hestlehurst did an interview with Peter Holten Muhlmann the founder of Trustpilot  on BBC world business - “Freemium” was mentioned. It was a cover up of the flagging system abuse. Trustpilot is under pressure to deliver what it has promised.

Trustpilot is “partnering” with Paypal and Visa and others to use Trustpilots reviews as a merchant validation / credit worthiness. Incentivising fake reviews to get better bank, finance, google advertising rates.

Trustpilot says it has 270,000 companies collecting reviews on Trustpilot - it is a lie.

Even Trustpilots own reviews and Trustscore is Gamed and manipulated.

Full of “verified order” reviews for trustpilot not intended for Trustpilot (undetected by special software).

Trustpilot review Ann
Trustpilot review Barbara
Trustpilot review Anon

How data is used by Partners like Paypal?

Some companies trapped into paying year after year.

Trustpilot and Paypal

How small companies are hijacked into paying more than their European counterparts and more than better platforms who do not operate like a protectionist mafia.

Ellaia Custom Clothing

The cost per year paid is at least quarterly but mostly annually in advance vary from country to country.

Trustpilot Lite €125/month in france, €100/ month in Germany, €185/month in the UK and $315/month in the US.

Much more to this and the BBC are behind the curve. Search Linkedin: #trustjacked

As to Fields I have helped many victims. Most do not want to come forward and it whole topic on its own. It nearly cost me my life.

Search Linkedin:

Dr Dary Hamilton Wallis
Dr Jamie Hamilton Wallis

We are all being trustjacked - companies, individuals, governments, judiciary, police, charities.

Adwords achieve “sector domination by unrelenting growth” - we saw it with Google Partners like the UKDS / Fields Group - Britcoin - the #fieldsdatarevoveryscam

Fake Trustpilot reviews, fake facebook profiles, fake trustscores, fake “verified order” 5 star reviews.

Trustpilot partnering with paypal and google.

Trustpilot offering a return on investment from helping publish fake reviews or hiding / deleting real reviews.

Where is the trust!

Trust is hijacked by conmen.

Reviews cannot be trusted.

Trustboxes and Trustscore are wrong.

Professional are adding insult to financial injury by effectively helping conmen.

You too will be #trustjacked if you have not been already.