Trust is hijacked by conmen.

UK and European reviewers profiles have been hijacked by an American company looking to become a $Billion Northzone - DraperEsprit - Earnst & Young IPO.

Trustjacked widget fixing - fake trustbox

Does the Trustpilot Whistleblower ​Function ​Work?

Published on 18.09.2018 by Andy Butler

​Some who read my posts about being #trustjacked by Trustpilot may not realise they are also at risk of being hijacked into joining the LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) listed $Billion IPO reviews collection service.

For me Trustpilot has failed in its trust and transparency claims.

Do #reviewsmatter? Yes and No.

The Competition and Markets Authority / Andrea Coscelli seem to think so but will its year long investigation actually do anything to correct what is wrong about pay to play reviews management services.

#trustpilotreviews continue to help Fields Associates operate the #fieldsdatarecoveryscam more successfully and profitably over the last few years but it goes back over a decade.

Trustpilot profits from helping a well documented scam operated by Dr Jamie Hamilton Wallis MP for Bridgend and his Friends and Associates of the Fields Group.

Are Trustpilots founder, officers and compliance complicit with helping the #fieldsdatarecoveryscam by ignoring complaints #1665664 #1668136?

Competition and markets authority
Certified ethical hacker
School in London scammed by Fields Associates
Tory MP
Bridgend conservative MP
Andrea Diotti
UKDS.net Google Partner
Matthew Latchem-Smith

​My experience with Fields fake reviews, fake review websites and a fake comparison website goes back over a decade when Fields first targeted my company for "sector domination" and Trustpilot first tried to hijack my companies reviews and marketing budget.

But it was Trustpilot who sold Fields Group, Fields Associates aka Fields Data Recovery the ability for several websites to Game their Trustpilot score and prevent victims from being invited to leave a review.

This enables them get a higher trust score.

This is not confined to data recovery, The Fields Group also operate Quickie and Managed Divorce.

I was also able to show that Action Direct UK was also using Trustpilot to get a fake Trustscore before it was investigated by the claims management regulator.

The upshot is this, Trustpilot has helped a well known scam improve its efficacy and sold reputation management as a benefit of paying trustpilot.

That means more consumers and businesses lose and it affects good companies like mine.

It also means that Trustpilot is covering up how it is used to help an international scam and preventing more victims getting help and "refunds".


Fields refund

​Trustpilots CEO and executive officers have tried to gloss over how their platform has been used for years to help improve the efficacy of the hashtag #fieldsdatarecoveryscam

Get in touch, my research goes back many years and ironically has shown Trustpilot had many issues with its platform.

  • Widget Fixing
  • Cherry Picking
  • Review Flagging Abuse
  • Reviewer Account Hacking
  • Fake Review Bulk import

Fields Directors and Staff posted fake reviews and offer Amazon vouchers to selected reviewers.

Helping victims of fake reviews, fake review websites and exposing a fake comparison website exposed how eWarfare, psycho marketing certified ethical hacker Dr Jamie Hamilton Wallis MP operated.

The High Court Injunction against the data recovery blog back fired, Fields were lucky to get away with just paying undertakings in damages to discontinue.

Fields Chairman paid a member of staff to lie in an affidavit and concocted evidence to get an en ex parte high court injunction served on those who were helping hundreds of victims of Fields.

Trustpilot also blocks reviews the data recovery blog​.

The Data Recovery Blog has endured a High Court Injunction, denial of service attacks yet reviews by victims of Fields are not allowed?

Why is that Trustpilot?

DRB blocked on TP

Trust is hijacked by conmen.

Reviews cannot be trusted.

Trustboxes and Trustscore are wrong.

Professional are adding insult to financial injury by effectively helping conmen.

You too will be #trustjacked if you have not been already.