Trust is hijacked by conmen.

The #fieldsdatarecoveryscam confirmed how Trustpilot operates and why Trustscores and Trustboxes cannot be trusted.

It reveals how UK and European consumer reviewer profiles and data have been hijacked by Trustpilot (a multinational data harvesting analytics company). Some who pay Trustpilot for reputation management get special deals.

Company website trust scores which should be trusted are rendered suspect by Trustpilots racketeering and profiteering from helping bad companies to Game, Widget Fix, Hack Reviewer Profiles and Flagging Abuse.

Trustjacked widget fixing - fake trustbox

Have You been Scammed by the Fields Group?

Published on 22.10.2019 by Andy Butler

Every week we come across consumers and businesses who have been affected by the #fieldsdatarecoveryscam, we help many despite the cost and inconvenience see.


R3 have had no choice but to expose how Fields Operates and help get refunds and “unrecoverable data”. ✅

Many victims of Fields are #trustjacked by manipulated Trustpilot Trustboxes, Trustscores and the belief that “verified order” reviews are transparent. 🚩

Sadly when we needed help we were badly dealt with. Solicitors wasted time & money, Trading Standards were wasteful of their resources and numerous “enforcement visits”.

It took investigations by the MOJ, The Claims Regulator and a German Investigative TV video from 10 years to keep the scam from growing.

This last 4 years the scam has been refined and despite helping to prevent £100,000s of fraud we know that Trustpilot has not helped.

The good news is R3 have survived the “sector domination by unrelenting growth” and “Google Partner” adwords bid cost manipulation - we turned google ads down and found more evidence. ✅

During the summer a German TV investigation was recorded, and Fields Associates owner “Prospective Politician” threatened the journalists and refused interview.

It has had 300,000 views on Youtube in the last month.

Action Direct UK another £multimillion revenue generating Fields Group company was finally forced to “prematurely close” after interventions from the Ministry of Justice and The Claims Management Regulator.

Trustpilot still shows the reviews:


Action Direct reviews on Trustpilot

Can Trustpilot explain how their Return on Investment for reputation management works?

It is costing my company business and profits helping victims of the #fieldsdatarecoveryscam.

How can we trust “verified order” reviews when the “special compliance software” cannot detect fake reviews, fake reviewer accounts for Trustpilots own reviews ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

Trustpilot itself cannot detect its own Gaming of its own Trustscore.

Trustpilot spam review

Salvataggio Dati 7.8 or 4/5 who cares - well actually Fields do, it helps with the Italian market domination along with Pronto Dati.

Again the manipulation of Trustscores is key to Google Ads bid cost reduction.

Even real “verified order” reviews reveal the scale of the scam €12,000 “negotiated” down to €1250 - anyone heard of #ransomware.


Salvataggio Dati Review Trustpilot

Trustpilot receives payment from several Fields Associates Websites including Rapid Data.

But nothing is said about how reviewers have found fake “verified order” 5 star trustpilot reviews in their names.

Does Trustpilot not understand why this would concern those who are trusted with data and concerned about #dataprotection.


Rapid data review

Clinica De Datos Spain 4.1/5 or 7.7 out of 10 on Tustpilot ⁉️


And Recuperacion Express both were used to dominate Google Adwords.


Clinica de Datos fake trustscore

Trustpilot have 800 staff many posting on Linkedin or scraping potential leads for adding to Trustpilot.

But how many understand that Trustpilot as an organisation and #peterholtenmuhlman as founder are ignoring complaints about Trustpilot.

This is an example of a trustpilots weakness and greed, the #fieldsdatarecoveryscam has exposed Trustpilot, it is damaging itself and burning through far too much money by ignoring the most obvious scams.

All the partys, early friday finishes, fusball and “president club” trips does not stop the underlying damage.

#socialproof Do good yes ✅ - but stop helping bad! ❌

Alan Duncan do you understand what damage is done to consumers and businesses by ignoring how Trustpilot hijacks companies and consumers?

Thousands victims of Fields who cannot even get help from actionfraud.

Ironically actionfraud itself has been #trustjacked.


Trading standards enforcement visits

Silicon Valley Bank has not claimed its Trustpilot reviews?

I wonder why Jim Watts do you trust Trustpilot with your clients details?


Silicon Valley Bank

Every month more than 1.5 million reviews are left on Trustpilot.

But how many are fake?

How many are fake accounts?

How many are used to entrap companies into signing over their companies reviews and customer details only to find that Trustpilot the hijacks the client for a “verified order review? ⏰🧨

Is that not a way to deceptively improve Trustpilots own Trustpscore?


BBC Watchdog post on LinkedIn about Trustpilot

BBC Watchdog post

Trust is hijacked by conmen.

Reviews cannot be trusted.

Trustboxes and Trustscore are wrong.

Professional are adding insult to financial injury by effectively helping conmen.

You too will be #trustjacked if you have not been already.