Trust is hijacked by conmen.

A page dedicated to how fake Trustpilot reviews and fake fields data recovery specialists and rapid data recovery technical reports linkedup scams. You can still find some Linkedin profiles of the Fields Group and ex employees - beware of hacked Linkedin accounts too.

​Steve Miller wrote some interesting lyrics nearly 40 years ago - If you intend to read this you may want to listen to the first 2 minutes the album track which was made at a time that US activity in misinformation was involved in drugs and money laundering to finance wars or political coups.

(The "Trustpilot Fields Data recovery Scam" content continues below the lyrics)

Macho City
Macho City
Macho City
Macho City (Macho City)
Welcome to the entertainment
Here now are the facts (Macho City)
Presented by reporters
Wearing macho slacks (Macho City)
All around the world
The message is hot and smoking (Macho City)
Would you like to see the future
Nobody's joking (Macho City)
Velcro people with
X-Ray sight (Macho City)
Will be making judgments
About what's wrong and what's right (Macho City)
Politicians and lawyers
All know what it means (Macho City)
They'll be keeping it all legal
With political visquine
Macho City
Macho City
As time marches
Through the ages
Macho men always

Shooting up history's pages
Taking over this (ooh)
Taking over that (ooh)
Macho men always
Where it's at
El Salvador
Afghanistan (Macho City)
Ask those people
About the macho plan (Macho city)
Macho City
Talking about
Zombie servants
Mystic mud
Silver bullets
Head green ton stud
Black cat bone
The heebee-jeebees
John the Conqueroo's personal voodoo keys
Way over yonder
Over on yonder's wall
Looks like Macho Man's
Headed for a big fall
How can Macho Man
Heal his soul
Will powerful root man
Let him go

The Trustpilot Fields Data Recovery Scam is a symptom or corporate might is right and modern day slavery, deception, misdirection by “professors” academics involved in psycho war marketing techniques.

As we know fake news, propaganda, rewriting the truth - Pravda - can do a lot of wrong when linked to political power, government grants, litigation services, bribery, corruption and abuse of power.

Fields Group Companies dozens of websites - tens of thousands of victims many will never know how they were scammed or how much more profitable their data and fees were to others to help fund jet setting lifestyles and mass deception of niche online markets.

Welsh Assembly financial support has assisted Fields Group websites in defrauding consumers and creating a pseudo law firm that believes it owns the law and is above the law they are Fields Law aka Endeavour Law.

What has and is still happening, it does require investigation, but it will also cause a significant problem for Trustpilot and how they have “verified” Fields reviews and trustjacked consumers and businesses.

Not unlike how Facebook and Cambridge Analytics have come to the news with just 270,000 US data sets - Fields Analytics have collected many hundreds of thousands of sets of personal data. But also know how to “weaponize” data to make it a self perpetuating scam for nearly 2 decades.

I briefly challenged the “unrelenting growth” a decade ago when my lab was attacked online by Fields Data Recovery UK - who between 2007 and 2010 were given £230,000 in welsh assembly government grants despite allegations of illegality.

Around the same time other comparison and reviews websites were being started.

Trustpilot appeared to be started with noble intentions the reality is fake Trustpilot other verified reviews millions of them are all brought into question because of the ​Fieldsdatarecoveryscam.

Trustpilot hijacking reviews and websites of Fields may have seemed like a good idea when they saw the top three ​Adwords results were rapid data, Fields data recovery and Datarecoveryspecialists, but it showed Trustpilot was flawed.

The term #Trustjacked applies to thousands of reviews and websites hijacked to help Trustpilot - but it meant they too were a victim of the ​Datarecoveryspecialists scam.

In Google it says​:

"Do you agree with Fields Data Recovery UK's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what customers have to say.."

​But it is a scam - We are all being #Trustjacked.

Here is my opinion

Trustpilot has exposed itself as tarnished by £multimillion global scale scam - the cover up has started - removal of websites and false accreditations.

Fields and Fields Analytics Co Ltd (Thailand) are using their web development and complaints system with Truspilots reputation management guidance to enable them to get a better than deserved trust score of 8.7 according to their Facebook and website.

Trustpilot should use The Fields Group company's websites as examples of how not to abuse the Trust people place in Trustscores Trustboxes and Google Star Ratings not to actively help them.

I brought to the attention of Trustpilot and Trading Standards the £multimillion deception and fraud against consumers, schools, businesses and competitors operated by Fields Associates.

Victims of fraud and deception perpetrated by the Fields Group of Bridgend are often unaware or unable to get help.

When a charity and its director asked for my help I at first I did as most do - I sympathized and said effectively “so what, tell me something I don’t know” or “oh dear what a shame never mind”.

But after several calls from Rowland Ferraro over a period of Months I said I could not help I am also a victim because I am undersold, undercut and under attack.

My decision help was morally right - as a business decision it was financially motivated but it was never unfair.

I recognized corporate “bully boy” tactics that many never talk about.

So I sell the domains data-recovery-blog.com and data-recovery-blog.co.uk in doing so it nearly lost my life.

I was then targeted for malicious court cases and enjoined in an ex Parte High Court Injunction - Fields Spent in excess of £300,000 to get the blog and forum taken down. £70,000 was paid to Rowland Ferraro in damages - it was too late for his charity but despite the moral victory the financial and physical damage was catastrophic and was a much better result for Fields than they anticipated.

I was left fighting for my life after High Court Judge Eady was misled into issuing the injunction based on Fields Associates Operations Managers lies in a sworn affidavit that Honorary Professor Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis paid £2500 for.

Dr Jamie Hamilton Wallis the son of Daryl and others are all encouraged in the common purpose of becoming professional politicians, entrepreneurs, business directors and property investors - but how they finance all these endeavours is what the law should be investigating.

A hard drive literally broke my back, the HCI served on my by a drunken ex police officer leading to my neck and spine being damaged.

I am still living with the consequences of an “accident” that the one witness to my somersaulting backwards up in the air said I should not have survived - 4 times he said that in his recorded police interview but he still left the scene and did not tell my wife, police or paramedics what he saw.

It damaged me, my health was further complicated by misdiagnosis - it was nearly a year after that the pain and whiplash was diagnosed as a prolapsed disc, fractures in my vertebrae, stenosis of the spine - I had been coping as best as I could having an existing epileptic causing brain tumour being told it was just “whiplash” or a bit of “arthritis” by my GP take another paracetamol or cocodomol.

It nearly cost me my life, I was fortunate a victim of Fields came to my rescue and identified the rotated vertebrae and helped with the pain management.

But it was too late for some of the decisions I was taking were based on misinformation and my being unable to see an end to my pain.

I am trusted to manage many disasters but when I needed help I was financially raped by professional conmen and solicitors.

Luckily my friends, family and a core of colleagues helped me put together a rescue plan despite the attempts to bankrupt me.

Between 2012 and 2015 I rebuilt my lab to have a world leading success rate and commenced expansion only to run into Fields Group scams again!

Fields were getting help from Trustpilot and posting fake negative reviews about my company.

It may also have played some aspect of pressure on my staff and I have tried to defend their jobs by exposing how we were under attack despite our higher success rates in data recovery we make less profit.

Fields make more profit selling fake reports and use fake Trustscores and reviewer selectivity coupled with fake reviews to stop us from getting more business.

As victims of Fields again began to be noticed it revealed another aspect of the cartel - ITPie web designers of Penarth Wales directors Aran Pitter and Geraint Jones were actively posting fake reviews for data recovery specialists (DRS) later identified as a Fields Group member.

ITPie employees have been caught posting fake reviews on google and Facebook and Trustpilot in support of the websites they produce including computerforensicsspecialists.co.uk and datarecoveryspecialists.co.uk

DRS sales people have held customers to ransom and on one occasion a junior school was told its data would cost £40,000+vat to recover. Luckily they thought to check and I was able to assist at a fraction of the cost and in less time.

The issue is the Fields Group benefited from Welsh Assembly and government grant support for unemployment relief in the suicide capital of the UK - Bridgend to make more profit doing a below average service- but in data recovery below average is damaging businesses and consumers and society.

The money created by fake reviews and comparison websites has created an outsourced call centre in Thailand which also benefits from BOI grants but only pays a fraction of the salary of Bridgend staff who are also below national average despite being effectively state backed.

The alleged fraud by many of the staff, directors, managers and solicitors is not just an allegation it can be easily investigated if Trading Standards at Bridgend were forced to take proper investigative measures not just go through the motions of ignoring company complaints only logging the England and Wales consumer complaints and having a good working relationship with Fields on a so far published 20 enforcement visits, 65 service requests and over 800 trading standards complaints - #tipoftheiceberg.

£100,000's every year are shipped to Fields Analytics Co Ltd Thailand with account managers allegedly paid just £100 per week for the same job advertised in the US at $100,000 per year but helped with mortgages, barristers, under the table cash advances.

The fields group accounts show strange movements of cash including buying yachts.

Recently cryptocurrency Britcoin had over £110,000 pumped in 24hrs when normal daily trades is less than £500 for the craptocurrency that has effectively become owned by Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis and his eWarfare - ethical hacking, credit card fraud computer forensics data recovery specialists.

Fields employment of CM8 Services Ltd staff and others to develop Britcoin seems to have ended - but the recent pump and dumps are suspicious and questions about them have resulted in threats of violence and harm.

Fields Group members effectively benefit from document spooling scams like rapid data and quickie divorce to give financial support and to finance other website scams which are damaging competition and financing political conservative local government influence, bribing, paying off ex directors and investing £millions in property.

Ex Directors paid to keep quiet​: Psycho profits founder Dr Richard Glyn Lewis £1million pay off - Dr Richard Cable who setup dozens of companies and knows how the grants system was milked to create document spooling websites like quickie divorce and managed divorce as well as Lush Dates and Dick Heads dot com

The £millions spent on websites and fake reviews all to bring in money selling a document . Alyn Jones who started as an email campaign processor at innovation learning is involved in the signing off of the fake technical and research reports.

Adrian Hill computer forensics expert witness with Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis and others involved in the peadophile investigation of “Operation Ore” and the Fields Associates claims of being “Litigation Consultants” to The Metropolitan Police in London and Thames Valley Police.

There is much more to all this including extremely lucrative computer forensic reporting to the courts where Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis and Adrian Hill and others linked to Fields 600 case some costing £50,000 each claim to be the UK's most respected expert witnesses.

Fields Group Company Action Direct UK were also sanctioned by the Ministry of Justice, but Fields just setup another legal firm specializing in employment tribunals and high court injunctions called Endeavour Law Ltd.

Action Direct UK Ltd carried on with PPI claims management.

All those linked to Fields get advice and support on how to create websites and get Welsh Assembly / government grants - 250 staff but do your checks and it is based on “doubling up” Fields Data Recovery US and Fields Data Recovery UK both are Fields Associates Ltd companies.

Even Fields US staff do not know who they actually work for with Todd Taylor paying cash out of his own private account. Anyone know which company Fields own or are linked to in the US? One was www rapid recovery dot net the fake data recovery websites ans 12 Page Data Recovery eBook selling con.

Back to the UK

ITPie of Penarth is following in the footsteps of UK Digital Solutions Ltd a google partner behind Conveyancing Online Quickie Divorce Injunction Direct Action Direct UK and Rapid Data.

Innovation Learning Ltd of Bridgend was the forerunner of the Fields Group which failed along but UK Digital Solutions as web design business with grant assistance and government subsidies helped the Smartsitesolutions websites get pumped out on an unsuspecting internet.

ITPie emulation can be seen with the use of fake Facebook, google and Trustpilot reviews and reviewer profiles, search for Aran Pitter in Google helped connect the dots.

All involved in the Fields Data Recovery Scam are trying to hide their involvement and have their identities and web profiles removed now they are realizing they are facing unprecedented publicity, being Trustjacked themselves effectively.

Dr Daryl Hamilton Wallis and his son Dr Jamie Hamilton Wallis (prospective conservative assembly member for more) have used their financial resources to cause damage to their competitors.

Comparedatarecovery was one of over 30 fake comparison websites used for #unfair-enrichment.

Daryl paid £15,000 for that one website and attempted to corner the British, European and US data recovery markets in a google pay per click domination. It did seal the fate of many good independent data recovery engineers.

ITPie Director Arran Pitter director of Data Recovery Services Ltd that runs Datarecoveryspecialists is an RNLI volunteer and on the face of it another ex military professional but now embroiled in a scam.

DRS staff made allegations to prospective clients against my company which gave me cause to investigate, they were effectively saying that my company was deliberately damaging hard drives of clients when in fact it was how they operated with ex staff confirming.

"They (Fields Data Recovery) break or damage the items customers mail in so they can upcharge them"

Many ex staff and employees of Fields Group companies report other aspects of the scams, cash in hand, mortgage fraud but fear for their safety, financial security and employment prospects if they go on record.

It is clear that "Investors in People" supporting companies to become commercially successful should not be used to defraud consumers and damage competition and leave hundreds of employees past and present of Fields Group in a situation where they are part of a global scam, money laundering, Thai Bride supplying and bribery and corruption.

My company was previously targeted by Fields Associates Ltd in their "sector domination through unrelenting growth" approach.

Pay Per Click fraud attacks and Fake Trustpilot Trustboxes and Trustscores are all used to undermine their competition.

Most competitors go out of business, cannot survive or end up joining the Fieldsdatarecoveryscam.

I do not mention the dozens of other websites involved or their individual directors but they know they have a vested interest in helping Fields because ultimately they too will be exposed if Fields records are investigated.

How the Fields Data Recovery Scam lead to helping those that feel they are #Trustjacked is ultimately going to be published in a more coherent manner.

20 years of eBook document spooling scams- an alleged £50million personal fortune, conservative political influence.

Robert Smith and Kristofer Powell are the youngest professional Accountants and Solicitors and Directors of Fields Group companies they can be contacted at:

21 Old Field Road, Pencoed, Bridgend,
CF35 5LJ

More will be published about Endeavour Law Ltd a Fields Group company who "specialise in" legal and financial services with SRA registered solicitor - All service requiring trusted professionals.


Trust is hijacked by conmen.

Reviews cannot be trusted.

Trustboxes and Trustscore are wrong.

Professional are adding insult to financial injury by effectively helping conmen.

You too will be #trusjacked if you have not been already.

2018 #trustjacked