Trust is hijacked by conmen.

The #fieldsdatarecoveryscam confirmed how Trustpilot operates and why Trustscores and Trustboxes cannot be trusted.

It reveals how UK and European consumer reviewer profiles and data have been hijacked by Trustpilot (a multinational data harvesting analytics company). Some who pay Trustpilot for reputation management get special deals.

Company website trust scores which should be trusted are rendered suspect by Trustpilots racketeering and profiteering from helping bad companies to Game, Widget Fix, Hack Reviewer Profiles and Flagging Abuse.

Trustjacked widget fixing - fake trustbox

We are #Trustjacked by Trustpilot

Published on 14.08.2019 by Andy Butler


Peter Holten Muhlmann, Trustpilot, Legal, Press, Compliance and Support

Dear all,

Trustpilots pay as you go reputation management platform is used to damage my company.

You are helping a competitor in return for payment to gain unfair marketing advantage.

The return on investment in Trustpilot for some is damaging others through their improved ability to operate using deception to facilitate fraud and data theft.

It is clear that Trustpilot are not applying their terms of service to Fields Associates aka Fields Data Recovery websites.

This also worsens the damage caused to my company.

Fields return on investment in Trustpilot is damaging competition that would normally suppress such scams.

We are losing time and money because we are unable to trade on a level playing field against a well established, highly lucrative scam that has for more than a decade used fake reviews, and has in the past used fake review websites and a fake comparison website.

Fields now use Trustpilot because it can be manipulated.

Trustpilot has ignored Fields websites are benefitting from

  • Gaming
  • Cherry Picking
  • Widget Fixing
  • Review Hacking

The issue is worsened by Fields actively attacking their clients by holding them to ransom.

This appears to be the same way Trustpilot operates according to ex staff of Trustpilot.

This is wrong.

I have pointed out how Trustpilot is manipulated by Fields but have been ignored.

Fake Trustscores are helping the #fieldsdatarecoveryscam, Trustpilot is complicit in the damage caused to consumers and competing companies.

We are left helping the victims if they can find us.

It is impossible to compete against a scam, it has to be exposed.

The pattern is clear, recorded and demonstrable, yet Trustpilot does not flag it ? WHY?

Trustpilot profits from several paid for subscriptions from Fields.

Fields use their paid for subscription(s) to get a higher than deserved Trustscore whilst doing all they can to prevent and remove the “uninvited” negative reviews of those that are defrauded.

I have helped many get their property, data and money back.

It is only recently that the Widget Fixing and fake Trustscores have been stopped.

Previous removal of fake verified order positive reviews for many Fields Group websites on Trustpilot has still not been explained.

Was it Fields hacking Trustpilot or Trustpilots own staff “modifying” the reviews of Fields clients without them knowing?

These are just a few paying Trustpilot websites, most negative reviews are organic / uninvited, most positive are “verified order” and it has already been shown that many 4 and 5 star verified order reviews are faked or hacked reviewer accounts.

Fields have many more websites and have attempted to cover up the scale of the fraud revenues that Trustpilot also profits from.

UKDS.net UK Digital Solutions Ltd the founder company of the Fields Group claims to be a google partner.

Action Direct UK Ltd has been sanctioned by the MOJ and last year effectively closed by the claims management regulator when it was investigated.

Trustpilot must take immediate action to flag the irregularities and help alert all using Trustpilot of Fields irregular use of the platform or be seen to be complicit.

I will continue to publicise how Trustpilot has operated and has assisted the #fieldsdatarecoveryscam and hijacked (#Trustjacked) our company reviews.

Trust is hijacked by conmen.

Reviews cannot be trusted.

Trustboxes and Trustscore are wrong.

Professional are adding insult to financial injury by effectively helping conmen.

You too will be #trustjacked if you have not been already.