Trust is hijacked by conmen.

The #fieldsdatarecoveryscam confirmed how Trustpilot operates and why Trustscores and Trustboxes cannot be trusted.

It reveals how UK and European consumer reviewer profiles and data have been hijacked by Trustpilot (a multinational data harvesting analytics company). Some who pay Trustpilot for reputation management get special deals.

Company website trust scores which should be trusted are rendered suspect by Trustpilots racketeering and profiteering from helping bad companies to Game, Widget Fix, Hack Reviewer Profiles and Flagging Abuse.

Trustjacked widget fixing - fake trustbox

​TrustPilot - Is There a Way To Restore Trust and Transparency?

Published on ​2.6.​2021 by Andy Butler

​The Frank LLP antitrust deceptive practices action is possibly one of many issues that the Trustpilot legal team will need to address to restore Trust and Transparency.


The Fields Data Recovery scam exposed Trustpilot and Trustpilot reviews.

Trustpilot hijacks not only companies that pay but also those that refuse to pay.

This particular class action claim revolves around the allegation of autorenewal.

What should be noted is 400,000 websites are not using Trustpilot, and Trustpilot account managers are complicit in the deception.

Trustpilots sophisticated, special, super fraud detection and compliance software is vapourware.

What is troubling about a $Billion Unicorn IPO that has 94% retention of clients and secured $192.8 million of venture capital and loans is it cannot detect scams using its platform to publish fake reviews and cannot detect gaming, cherrypicking or reviewer account hacking even when it is pointed out month after month for years.

Trustpilot damages:

  • Draper Esprit
  • Northzone​
  • Silicon Valley Bank​
  • Aaron Heslehurst, Scottish Enterprise
Trustpilot class action

"Because of this I have issued official complaints with Francis Muscat the Chief Executive Officer of the Office of Fair Trading  (OFT) and Andrea Coscelli  the Chief Executive of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for TRUSTPILOT's potential violations of the 2008 Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations."

trustpilot renewal experience

"This year I eventually agreed to pay 25% more than last year only to find that the product we now have is a significant downgrade. I have now raised this to the CEO and await feedback.

If we treated our customers like this, we wouldn't have a business for long.

You simply do not care to listen to what your customers are saying and need. To the point this year where the "Associate Customer Success Manager" actually wrote in an email "If this is the way you feel then I'll just save you the stress and cancel your contract." All because I want to continue with the same agreement and service that we have previously had. Isn't Customer Success a happy customer? I think a better job title would be Customer Frustration Manager... there is no success here."

Trustpilot renewing my business

​​Trustie Hayley says there is a 30 day notice of cancellation?

30 days notice of cancellation

​Many trying to cancel their Trustpilot subscription are finding it difficult - especually in difficult times.

Business subscription cancellation difficulties

Trustpilot UK customers also having issues.

Trustpilot uk customer issuesrustpilot uk customer issues

Trust is hijacked by conmen.

Reviews cannot be trusted.

Trustboxes and Trustscore are wrong.

Professional are adding insult to financial injury by effectively helping conmen.

You too will be #trustjacked if you have not been already.