Trust is hijacked by conmen.

The #fieldsdatarecoveryscam confirmed how Trustpilot operates and why Trustscores and Trustboxes cannot be trusted.

It reveals how UK and European consumer reviewer profiles and data have been hijacked by Trustpilot (a multinational data harvesting analytics company). Some who pay Trustpilot for reputation management get special deals.

Company website trust scores which should be trusted are rendered suspect by Trustpilots racketeering and profiteering from helping bad companies to Game, Widget Fix, Hack Reviewer Profiles and Flagging Abuse.

Trustjacked widget fixing - fake trustbox

We are all being #Trustjacked by Trustpilot

Trustpilot have failed for years to show it is a Trustworthy company and secure reviews collection platform.

As a company owner I realised something was wrong with Trustpilot when a competitor was showing very high Trustscores and Trustboxes. Worse they had dozens of fake reviews on Trustpilot that had already been removed from other platforms.

Trustpilots compliance did remove many but it revealed another Truspilot reviews security problem, victims of my competitor were logging into their Trustpilot accounts and finding fake positive 5 star “verified order” reviews in their accounts.

This means consumer accounts are hacked by either Trustpilot staff or by companies paying Trustpilot for “special features”.

What was interesting was despite these clear breaches of Trustpilots Terms of Service the flagging system did not alert visitors to this clear breach of trust.

This took several months fot Trustpilots compliance to investigate yet they missed how many other websites owned by the same competitor had been gamed, cherry picked and negative reviews removed to try and keep their Trustscore over 8.0.

However their websites and marketing showed fake Widget Fixed Trustscores in the Trustboxes - again a breach of Trustpilots Terms of service, not just decieving consumers but also unfairly helping cover up scams operated by a well dicumented industrial scale document spooling scam.

Trustpilot by assisting these scams has damaged not only consumers but good companies like mine left competing against conmen who can make more money to spend on marketing their scams and pying Trustpilot to help cover it up.

This is not a one off situation, the #fieldsdatarecoveryscam operates across many UK, US and European websites many showing Trustpilot Widget Fixed Trustboxes for years.

The point of this review is Trustpilot has shown it cannot be Trusted, does not care that its reputation management for sale is really more akin to a mafia type racketeering pay as you go cover up.

Trustpilots $192.5 million of investment and 60 million reviews may seem like big numbers.

But how many websites really pay Trustpilot and who really has access to the perosnal data collected.

Good companies will treat consumer data safely because of the GDPR but may not realise what sharing their client details with Trustpilot really means.

If Trustpilot cannot explain how reviewer profiles are hacked and who is changing the reviews then there is a real problem with Trustpilots #transparency and trustworthyness.

The 2019 flagging system usage update is effectively a cover up of the previous use of the flagging system to hide negative reviews.

It is a disgrace that the word TRUST has been hijacked by Trustpilot.

There is a very serious GDPR issue here - It is not just fake reviews - European / UK companies are signing up their clients to Trustpilot without making it clear how the data is processed and who has access to it.

The #Fieldsdatarecoveryscam revealed much more than paid for reputation management, Gaming, Cherry Picking and Widget Fixing.

It showed user profiles could be hacked - reviews changed and that the Trustpilot system does not protect personal data.

Fake positive reviews posted on Trustpilot
Beware of Fields Data Recovery
thousands fake positive reviews
Truspilot customer review
Hacked user profiles on Trustpilot

Any website with a database of email addresses can add reviews - only when a reviewer logs in and checks their own profile will they realise they are compromised.

There are hundreds and probably thousands of fake reviews and profiles added every day that go undetected - had I not exposed how Fields websites operated 2 years ago they would have averaged over 9.4 by now - but I only exposed Fields websites.

This brings me back to the original problem of why Trusted reviews and Trustworthy reviews platforms are fundamental to commerce and society. In this world of fake news, cybercrime, eWarfare and industrial scale fraud and scams permeating every layer of the internet we need all reviews sites to be fit for purpose, and Trustpilot must live up to its name.​

We do not want to be #Trustjacked.


Peter Muhlmann 5Star Review for one of his investors KPMG

Copenhagen, DK, 57 reviews

Published 08 February 2009

Updated 17 October 2013

good treatment

"[Sensitive information removed] at KPMG in Aarhus, thank you for great treatment and competent advice."

But What Did Peter really get $140million for?

I feel #Trustjacked -  Fake Trustboxes, Fake Trustscores 

Trustjacked City WidgetFixing

Have you found something wrong about the Trustpilot Trustscores?

Did you realise your reviews and contact details are being hijacked?

Do you know who your personal details are shared with?

Do you understand what #TPwidgetfixing is and why it is used by scams conmen and fraudsters?

Have you been affected by the FieldsDataRecoveryScam or and Fields Group website or reseller like DataRecoverySpecialists dot co dot uk? Search Google for more information.

Have you realised #trustpilot has been #trustjacked by #reputation #management #racketeers who game and cherrypick to get fake trustscores?

The Trustjacking System

When it comes to leaving reviews on Trustpilot most individuals do not realise their reviews, reviewer profiles, buying habits and future adsense adverts are being hijacked by Trustpilot.

Company websites are also hijacked into joining and paying Trustpilot for reviews collection.

For both consumers and businesses I do not think Trustpilot is to be trusted, it is a good idea but it is also hijacked by conmen and its own sales hungry alcohol fuelled salesteams.

Trustpilot is a data protection nightmare under the GDPR - our data is shared with many subprocessors worldwide.

How to spot fake reviews on trustpilot

I may be wrong but I suspect the future of Trustpilot is North America reviews.

In over 10 years Trustpilot failed in Europe and needs the US consumers to fall for Trustpiloteverywhere marketing but the word Trust is bought by the highest bidder. Some of the biggest internet scams use Trustpilot.

Others are webmarketing managers trying to use Trustpilot to enhance their Trustscores or push negative reviews off screen.

You can spot them on the Trustpilot homepage carousel.

Pushing negative reviews off screen

There are more trustworthy, better managed and secure reviews collection platforms that charge less.

Trustpilot is effectively an online protection racketeering business reputation management system.

Often companies are hijacked or conned into joining.

As a member of the trustpilot community I am sure I have a good community spirit but I do not believe Trustpilot to be a good development, it is however the logical outcome of Google PPC / Adsense SEO domination.

Google PPC revenue from hijacking reviews

Be clear on the subject of transparency Trustpilot compliance is more opaque than transparent.

Trustpilot is trying to be both a product sold by Trustpilot sales machine to justify the investment that finances its growth and the champaign lifestyles of its Trustys in conflict with its founders principles.

Trustpilots compliance teams cover up the weaknesses, scams and effectively ransom holding of websites.

No choice but to use Trustpilot

Most companies after being hijacked into joining Trustpilot are left with the choice of Gaming, CherryPicking, Profile Hacking or ignoring trustpilot.

The purpose of Trustpilot is to sell reputation management, anything else is a by-product.

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Fake online reviews - Peter Muhlmann

00:01 Gotten recently posted a report where

00:04 they claimed that in 2014 10-15% of

00:08 all reviews written online will be fake

00:11 so that is the company owner himself or

00:15 his mom or some outsourced company

00:19 has been hired to write reviews positive

00:23 reviews or purchase experiences that

00:25 never happened giving potential

00:28 consumers that consider to buy from this

00:30 company you could say misleading image

00:33 of what the customer service is actually

00:34 like or certainly an image that's not

00:36 based on actual people having spent

00:40 actual money in that store as the owner

00:45 of a review site of course that is

00:49 concerning there's also been a lot of

00:51 media focus justly so on the practice of

00:57 writing fake reviews I think the area

01:00 seems so much interest because every

01:02 consumer is consulting reviews before

01:06 they buy nobody these days will buy

01:07 anything from anyone without having read

01:10 reviews so maybe that makes some company

01:14 owners think that it's a shortcut

01:16 instead of focusing on customer service

01:18 instead of proactively inviting all

01:21 their customers to leave a review they

01:22 take the shortcut and they go out and

01:24 pay someone to write the fake reviews I

01:29 would say it's a bit like peeing in your

01:32 pants it warms at first and then it can

01:34 get very cold I think all the major

01:40 review sites are stepping up their game

01:44 we see at Trustpilot an increase in

01:51 reports from people who are aware of

01:56 this taking place so that could be that

01:58 its employees who don't necessarily like

02:02 the fact that their manager is ordering

02:04 fake reviews or it might be competitors

02:06 who know that a certain company is

02:10 cheating and it can very easily

02:13 boomerang

02:14 into something that looks easy - very

02:21 very damaging a public crisis for your

02:23 company

The Reality

That is the real Trustpilot Reality - buy into it you join the club and be a happy trusted consumer trying to share your honest experience or be a company who works out how to use fake trustboxes - fake trustscores because who cares - certainly not Trustpilot.

The world is being Trustjacked by Trustpilot.

Will the ICO investigate?

ICO investigations

Trustpilots $Billion Unicorn IPO financed by $140million of venture capital backing. But who has access to Businesses and Consumer data that makes £millions ⁉️

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